Stygian Vampire Gliders

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Model Name:  Stygian Vampire Gliders
Model Designer: Onslaught Miniatures
Model Line:  Stygian
Kit Material: Metal
Configuration Options:  3 poses
Scale: 6mm (1/285)


A Stygian Vampire Gliders Squad contains a random assortment of 15 11mm Stygian Vampire Gliders models, 3 poses


*All products come unpainted and unassembled


Stygian Vampie Gliders are a vicious and crazed warrior caste who master the use of small anti-gravity platforms from which they launch deadly, lightning-fast raids against enemy positions.  Armed with twin void burners for close assaults on enemy armor formations, and dual-headed blade staves for close quarter fighting with enemy infantry, Vampire Gliders are equipped to deal quick death to any enemy they close with.

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