Techscape - Farpoint Colony - 6mm (STL Download)

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 Model Name:  Techscape - Farpoint Colony - 6mm
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studio
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Production: N/A
Kit Material: STL for PLA FDM Plastic
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Varies


Fluff Description

Farpoint Colony is a fresh start for many of its inhabitants.  Escaping the civil unrest of the inner worlds, these brave (and foolish) mortals travel to the edges of inhabited space to work and live on the frontier.  Moderately self sufficient, this colony is capable of lasting on its own for several Sol years before critical supplies from the homeworlds are needed.   The colony itself is constructed from durable, hab units that are deployed from colony ships, and have a variety of modular components that allow the locals to adapt to the needs of the settlement.  As an added comfort many of the structures are connected by elevated walkways, removing the need to gear up for the harsh outside environment before relocating to a new building. 


Product Details

This bundle contains a large selection of sci-fi wargaming terrain STLs intended for games such as Alpha Strike, Steel Rifts, Epic 40k or any other 6mm wargame of your choice.  Please note that Techscapes is what we are calling our standard wargaming (hexless) terrain systems, and this bundle does not include any hexed options within the bundle.  

By purchasing this bundle you are acknowledging you have read our terms and services page located HERE


Bundle Contents

Contents are Digital STL's for Home 3D Printing.  Some of the smaller modular prints may be challenging for folks who do not have access to a resin based printer, however the majority of the contents print with ease on a FDM machine with NO supports required.


Structures (All FDM Optimized)

- Central Administration

- Heavy Equipment Shed

- Individual Hab Unit

- Landing Pad

- Life Support Unit

- Multi-Purpose Unit (Large)

- Multi-Purpose Unit (Medium)

- Multi-Purpose Unit (Small)

- Multi-Purpose Vertical Expansion Small (Supports Needed)

- Vehicle Port


Detail Modules (Resin Files are All Pre-Supported)

- Elevator (Resin OR FDM with Supports)

- Footbridge Collapsed (Resin)

- Footbridge Exploded (Resin)

- Footbridge Long (Resin OR FDM with Supports)

- Footbridge Short (Resin OR FDM with Supports)

- Intake (Resin OR FDM with Supports)

- Observation Deck (Resin OR FDM with Supports)

- Sensor Blister (Resin)

- Storage Unit (Resin OR FDM with Supports)

- Transmitter (Resin)

- Vent Fan (Resin)


    Digital Refund Policy and After Purchase Support


    Due to the nature of digital purchases and the inability to retract the files delivered, we are unable to offer refunds in 99% of all cases where a purchase is made.  For this reason we offer a number of free sampler files that we strongly recommend you download and test before finalizing any purchases.  When in doubt, ask!  We operate a professional 3D printer farm and have the experience required to tell you if the files are suitable for your machine or not. 

    After purchase support at the studio is excellent.  You can read about our commitment to it HERE.  As an overall summary if there are any problems with the files themselves please contact us and it will be investigated and fixed.  All our files are tested extensively before released, but with the ever growing number of different machines and slicers, its wise to remain vigilant to developing problems.  Steel Warrior Studios itself cannot guarantee assistance with basic machine operation or machine troubleshooting, we can only guarantee help with the files themselves.  For general troubleshooting with your 3D printer, we recommend joining our community discord where I, and many other veterans of the technology can offer assistance. 


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