Terrain Compounds - Arid Scrubland

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Product Name:  Arid Scrubland
Brand: Rainy River Designs
Container Type: Tin Container with removable lid.
Container Size: 30 cm2 (12 in2)
Application: Used to blend miniature or terrain bases



Product Details

With a custom mix of rocks, sandy soils, and splashes of color, this blend of basing materials is perfect for giving your miniatures a unique, distinctive base. Spread some glue, then dip into or sprinkle on the mix, and your bases will be ready for their models!


Because these items are handmade in small batches, some minor color variation will occur and stock is often limited.


About Rainy River Designs

Rainy River Designs is a small part time "indie" studio out of the USA.  All of their basing materials are hand processed and packaged with care and attention that is hard to find these days! 




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