Terran Federation Ballista AA Tanks (3 Pack)

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Model Name:  Ballista AA Tanks
Model Designer: Onslaught Miniatures
Model Line:  Terran Federation
Kit Material: Metal
Configuration Options:
Scale: 6mm (1/285)


A Terran Federation Ballista AA Tank unit consists of 3 35 x 17 x 17mm Terran Federation Ballista AA Tank pewter Miniatures.  Each tank consists of 1 Chassis, 2 track sections, and 1 Ballista AA Turret.


*All products come unpainted and unassembled


The Ballista provides anti-air defense for Terran forces, and doubles as a deadly infantry hunter.  Armed with quad-linked long-barrel Gatling cannons and high-tech targeting systems, the Ballista excels at targeting fast-moving targets from a distance, and can unleash thousands of penetrator rounds per second with a frightening degree of accuracy.

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