Tomahawk Tactical Tank

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Steel Warrior Studios


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Model Name:  Tomahawk MBT
Model Designer: Dorian Sherratt (DFA Miniatures) 
Caster:  Strato Minis Studio 
Kit Material:  Resin - 2 piece miniature 
Configuration Options: Canon, Laser Point Defense 
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: 4cm x 1.8cm x 2.4cm


The Tomahawk is a support/main battle tank hybrid, designed to be armored enough to survive being on the front lines, but to act in support of mobile assaulting force.  The canon configuration mounts a pair of rapid firing autocanons on a unique turret system that allows the armament to be pointed at unmatched angles.  Allowing the tank to engage ground and air targets with ease, or even to fire up at elevated defensive positions while advancing with front line forces.  The Laser Point Defense system is the dedicated anti-air platform that mounts a pair of rapid firing laser pulses towards incoming aircraft.  Its advanced tracking systems also allows it to act as an anti-missile system and fire at incoming warheads.  Both configurations also mount a multi-purpose missile launcher in the front arc of the vehicle, allowing it to lay down smoke or covering fire as it advances. 

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