Tracked Support Vehicles (3 Variants)

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Variant: Lodestar (Sensory)
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 Model Name: Acile, Lodestar, Aegis
Model Designer: Strato Minis Studio 
Model Line:  Hardwar
Caster: Strato Minis Studio
Kit Material: Resin 
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)

The Ancile was the first of a new generation of mobile armored shield elements able to project a broad-spectrum ballistic field to protect itself and adjacent units.

The introduction to the tactical battlefield of the kind of real-time data previously restricted to the strategic level was a game-changer, but the enabling units, like Lodestar, became instant priority targets for the enemy.

Aegis was the logical riposte to elements like Lodestar, the de-buff to their buff, creating an E/M disruption grid that interferes with effective targeting.

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