Trinity City - HEXLESS Urban Jungle Bundle (STL Download)

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 Model Name:  Urban Jungle Bundle
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studios
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Production: Steel Warrior Studios 3D Printing Service
Kit Material: PLA FDM Plastic
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Varies


The Trinity City HEXLESS Urban Jungle is a complete urban solution for your wargaming needs.  Included in this massive bundle of STL's are a slew of options to build a modular city environment.  From 2 lane to 4 lane road systems, an impressive overpass system and modular foundation blocks to place your buildings on we have you fully covered.   Every piece in this set is built with a special key/lock system that allows you to connect multiple pieces together to create a durable and stable gaming board.  In addition the included foundation blocks are fully compatible with the rest of the Trinity City building bundles.   This bundle also includes the hexless version of the Trinity Tower road based foundations that integrate fully with the hexless road systems.  

Included files:

- 2 Lane Road System with 6 variants of road to work with (includes intersections and dead ends)

- 4 Lane Road System with 10 variations of road to work with (includes intersections, dead ends, parking lots and BUS stop options). 

- 2 Lane to 4 Lane Adaptor System with 3 variations.  You use these road sections to connect the 2 and 4 lane road systems together to create minor and major roadways in your urban setup. 

- Highway Overpass System with the 8 STL files needed to create a 4 lane highway overpass system with reinforced bases.  We have parts for straight and curved road sections, as well as a game compatible off ramp that allows for fluent miniature placement without the risk of them slipping or falling off. 

- 5 Urban Block Foundations.  These are elevated city pavements that you place between your road sections to create locations to place your various building upon.   These are semi-modular and you can mix and match to create various setups.  In addition these blocks have extra dressing details such as benches, to help give your setup a sense of realism.

- Trinity Tower Road Foundations.  When you print 3 of these you can create a triangle shaped base for buildings/parks on the elevated surface, while a major roadway intersection takes place underground.  Intended to be the base for the mighty Trinity Tower, but you may substitute the tower with anything you like. 

34 STL files in total. 


 **NOTE: Example pictures show the layout with buildings, these are sold seperately. **

Files Included:


2 Lane Road System

- 4 Lane Road System

- 2 Lane to 4 Lane Adapter

- Highway Overpass System

- 5 Urban Block Foundations

- Trinity Tower Road Foundations



 File Options:


- Hexless  


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