Used Battletech Miniatures - Innersphere

  • $8.00

Model Name: Assorted Used Battletech Minis - Innersphere
Model Designer: Ral Partha/Ironwind Metals
Model Line:  Ral Partha/Ironwind Metals
Caster:  Ral Partha/Ironwind Metals
Kit Material: Metal
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Varies


Gently used Battletech Miniatures. Some are painted, some have slight modifications, please read the descriptions in the drop down menu while selecting your desired mini.  

All have been authenticated as original, non reproductions by myself as someone with years of experience moderating one of the largest international Buy and Sell Facebook groups for Battletech. Any repos or fakes will be marked as such. 

MAXIMUM effort will be made to ensure these miniatures are packed well for shipping, but the weight of the metal and the fact they are pre-assembled may put them at risk of breakage or bending of limbs and parts.  Minor damages will be assumed as buyers risk, if the post office manages to run the box over with a forklift or other such sillyness we will file an insurance claim for the damages.  


**Note: Steel Warrior Studios is not affiliated with the Battletech license in anyway, nor are we a registered vendor for their products.  This is merely a sale of used goods that we have acquired.